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Press review of January 30th, 2011

Publié le : 30 janvier 2011

Here is JSS’s international Press Review of January 30th, 2011. The following links are the best or the most important articles published about Israel in the english speaking press.

The Atlantic – What Happens If Mubarak Falls?

The New York Times – Is This Lebanon’s Final Revolution?

The Washington Post – Right Turn – Bipartisan support for veto of anti-Israel UN resolution

The Wall Street Journal – Tunisia’s Viral Revolution

The Miami Herald – Revolutionary seeds take root in Egypt, Lebanon

Reuters – Analysis: Bad neighborhood risks getting worse for Israel

The Guardian – Lebanon’s return to Syria-backed rule is likely to keep Hezbollah in check

The Washington Post – Israel watches Arab turmoil closely, but comments cautiously

The Christian Science Monitor – Why Palestine papers didn’t spark outrage against Abbas’s government

Time – Egypt’s Crisis: Israel Backs Hosni Mubarak’s Regime

The Guardian – Blair says leak of Palestine papers ‘destabilising’ for peace process

The Daily Telegraph – Palestinian Authority tells Britain it wants to question former MI6 officer

Today’s Zaman – First official commemoration for Holocaust victims held

AP – 3 teenagers vandalize 75 gravestones in Jewish cemetery in western Hungary

AP – Iranian opposition leader hails Egypt protests

Reuters – Paraguay says recognizes Palestinian state

Khaleej Times – Hezbollah ruling from the shadows

The Daily Star – Arab rulers’ only option is reform

Jonathan-Simon Sellem – JSSNews

3 Réponses à Press review of January 30th, 2011

  1. Yéhoudi Répondre

    30 janvier 2011 a 14:29


    Et l’ Huma ???

    et Pif le Chien ??

  2. gwynplaine Répondre

    30 janvier 2011 a 19:19

    Hors sujet: pour les lecteurs de DRZZ. la lecture de ces lettres noires sur fond gris est souvent malaisée. Il suffit de surligner texte

  3. ELIOT Répondre

    31 janvier 2011 a 07:32

    Z’avez vu M.Aubry dont le mari est avocat d’islamistes avec un keffieh palestinien autour du cou répondre à une interview sur la situation en Egypte?

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